Things To Do To Raise Awareness During Sexual Abuse Awareness Month

Things To Do To Raise Awareness During Sexual Abuse Awareness Month
Raise Awareness for Sexual Abuse Awareness Month

Sexual Abuse Awareness Month isn’t just a period marked on our calendars; it’s a clarion call for change, a time to illuminate the shadows where silence has allowed suffering to fester. It’s a month dedicated to reflection and action — an action that can take myriad forms, from the deeply personal to the broadly public. As we navigate through this crucial month, there are numerous ways, both big and small, to contribute to the cause and spread awareness.


Educate Yourself and Others

The foundation of awareness is knowledge. This month, take the time to educate yourself about the realities of sexual abuse — the statistics, the survivor stories, and the impact it has on individuals and communities. But don’t stop with self-education. Share what you learn with friends and family and through your social media channels. Recommend books, documentaries, and articles that shed light on the topic. Organizing or participating in webinars and talks with experts and survivors can further deepen understanding and empathy.


Support Survivors

Showing support for survivors is a powerful act of solidarity. This could mean listening to and believing someone’s story without judgment or volunteering your time and resources to local shelters and organizations that support survivors. Consider writing letters of encouragement to survivors through these organizations, a small but meaningful gesture that can profoundly impact someone’s healing journey.


Wear Teal

Teal is the color of sexual abuse awareness. You make a silent yet impactful statement by wearing a teal ribbon or clothing. It’s a conversation starter to signal your support for the cause and perhaps educate someone on the month’s significance.


Participate in or Organize Events

Many communities host events such as walks, runs, or vigils to honor survivors and raise awareness. Participating in these events can be a powerful act of solidarity. If there are no events in your area, consider organizing one. Even a small gathering or a virtual event can make a difference.


Advocate for Change

Use this month as an opportunity to advocate for local, state, and national policy changes. This could involve writing to your representatives, supporting organizations that lobby for the rights and protection of survivors, or using social media to raise awareness about needed reforms.


Create Art

Art has the power to move hearts and minds. Whether it’s through music, painting, writing, or any other medium, creating art that explores the themes of sexual abuse and healing can be both a personal cathartic process and a public act of awareness. Consider sharing your art on social media or participating in art shows or online galleries dedicated to the cause.



Many organizations dedicated to helping survivors of sexual abuse operate on tight budgets and can significantly benefit from additional funds. Organizing a fundraiser, whether it’s a bake sale, an online crowdfunding campaign, or a charity event, can provide these organizations with the resources they need to continue their important work.


Promote Resources

A crucial part of raising awareness is ensuring people know where to seek help. Share information about local hotlines, counseling services, and support groups. This information could be shared via social media, flyers in community centers, or hosting informational booths at local events.


Engage on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for spreading awareness. Participate in or initiate hashtags related to Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. Share posts, stories, and resources. Engage with content shared by survivors and advocacy organizations, offering your support and helping to amplify their voices.


Foster Safe Spaces

Creating safe, non-judgmental spaces where survivors can share their stories if they choose to is invaluable. This could be a support group, a discussion forum, or even within your circle of friends or family. Make it known that you will listen and support without judgment.


Reflect and Commit to Personal Growth

Finally, use this month to reflect on your attitudes and behaviors. Consider how you can contribute to a culture that respects consent and boundaries and opposes victim-blaming. Commit to continuing your education and advocacy beyond this month, integrating what you’ve learned into your daily life.


Sexual Abuse Awareness Month is about turning awareness into action. It’s about doing what we can, with what we have, where we are, to make a difference. Whether you’re whispering words of comfort to a survivor, shouting your advocacy from the rooftops, or anything in between, your actions contribute to a larger chorus calling for change, healing, and justice.


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