Law Enforcement Sexual Assault Response Training

Prepare Officers with Trauma-Informed Knowledge

According to FBI statistics, over the course of their careers, law enforcement officers average just two hours of training in sexual assault response. This lack of training often leaves law enforcement officers inadequately prepared to handle sexual trauma cases. This training is critically important to make first responders aware of how trauma presents differently in victims of sexual assault, as well as how to more effectively approach individuals with compassion.

Sherrie Allsup provides comprehensive sexual assault response training that equips law enforcement officers to employ correct, trauma-informed strategies in sexual assault cases.

A photo of Sherrie Allsup with two law enforcement officers.

POST Certification for Law Enforcement

Sherrie has partnered with Chief Wiley Gammon, retired Chief of Police of Atlanta Metropolitan College. Chief Gammon aims to educate officers about trauma-informed responses. He is a Georgia POST Police Instructor and has completed over 2,500 hours of advanced police training. He is committed to changing the misconceptions of trauma within law enforcement.

Sherrie Allsup has presented training to law enforcement and other organizations all over the country. She has completed over 90 hours of training on sexual assault, domestic assault, and suicide prevention. She is a member of RAINN, as well as the Victim Impact Panel for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Her trainings in sexual assault for law enforcement satisfy POST certification requirements.

Sherrie Allsup and Chief Wiley Gammon next to a banner for Georgia Association of Women in Public Safety.

Dynamic Training Seminars

Onsite Training

Sherrie brings the class to you. Her engaging, personal presentations increase impact and retention.

Cost-effective & Efficient

Sherrie offers four and eight-hour seminars that allow entire departments to be trained at once.


  • Sheriff Departments
  • Police Departments
  • Police Academies
  • Campus Police Departments
Course Topics Include...

Courses include open discussion during the presentation, as well as a question-and-answer session at the end of the training.

"Great course! Every police officer nationwide should be required to take this course."
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Sherrie looks forward to partnering with your law enforcement department or academy. Together we can better serve our communities with compassionate, trauma-informed sexual assault response strategies.