Sherrie Allsup

Sexual Assault and Trauma Expert

Knowledge through Experience

Sherrie Allsup is a survivor of long-term childhood sexual abuse and assault. As a result of her experiences, she battles complex PTSD daily. Sherrie has learned over the years how to manage this trauma and grow from it. As she embarks on this new, fresh chapter, she strives to share insight and experience in assisting other victims in their transition to becoming survivors.

Sherrie is a lecturer, educator, and advocate on the topics of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and victims’ rights. Her advocacy shines a light on the dark epidemic of sexual abuse and assault.

Over 90 Hours of Training & Expertise

Sherrie has completed over 90 hours of training on the topics of sexual assault, domestic assault, and suicide prevention. She’s an ambassador for Kansas’ National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. As a member of RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, Incest, and Neglect Network, she’s learned valuable tools on ways to help survivors.

Sherrie is a proud member of the Victim Impact Panel for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Sherrie completed the necessary training that allows her to share her story with inmates who are a part of the Texas prison system.

A photo of Sherrie Allsup speaking to a woman about sexual assault prevention and response.
"As a 30-year police officer (retired), I have seen more than my share of abuse and sexual assault on the board of RAVE. I admire you and your courage. I have received various sexual assault trainings over the years, but never from an expert (someone who has lived it). Your story is both shocking and compelling. It has put the various pieces together. You are amazing!"
Sgt. Gary Valentine

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Sherrie has a passion for educating those involved in sexual assault and trauma. Join her and become aware of how you can help.