Community Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

A photo of Sherrie Allsup training a group of students in sexual assault response.

Educate Your Community

Educating your community in sexual assault prevention and response is critical to reducing incidence of assault and further traumatizing victims. Every 68 seconds in America, a person is sexually assaulted, and only 2.5% of rapists end up in prison.

Sherrie Allsup is a speaker and survivor of long-term sexual assault with extensive experience guiding audiences to recognize the signs of sexual assault, and how to support victims with compassion. 

Trauma-Informed Seminars & Workshops

Sherrie offers community sexual assault prevention and response seminars to churches, women’s groups, community events, and civic organizations. She has a passion to equip your community with the tools to combat sexual assault and support victims of trauma.

Sherrie is available for breakout sessions, motivational speaking, workshops, conferences, and training.

A photo of Sherrie Allsup providing sexual assault response training at the Middle Georgia University campus.

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Learn the best ways to teach and prepare your organization in the fight against sexual assault.