Campus Sexual Assault Response Training

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Effective Campus Sexual Assault Response is Critical to Victim Support and Perpetrator Conviction.

Sexual assault on college campuses is unfortunately extremely prevelant. Over 11% of students on college campuses reported to have experienced sexual assault. On the contrary, over 80% of sexual violence cases go unreported. There is a massive gap.

Underreporting assault cases is a pressing issue on campuses across America. Common reasons sexual assault goes unreported is due to fear of retaliation, relationship to the perpetrator, and college policy and procedural flaws.

Thank you for this informational class. This will help me deal with victims in a better way. Sherrie you inspire me, you are a warrior and may God keep blessing you and your work.
University of Houston Police Department Officer

Train Campus Police and Educate Students

American universities are struggling to correctly handle cases of sexual assault. Sherrie Allsup has provided training to campus police departments, RA’s, and students across the country. Her engaging, informative seminars are backed up with personal experience and extensive training.

Sherrie presents on topics such as:

  • Why you should report
  • How to stay safe
  • Who you should report to
  • Resident advisor training
  • Evidence handling
  • Title IX education
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Sherrie can educate your campus police and students to respond to sexual assault effectively and with compassion.