Understanding Sexual Assault on College Campuses

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Is prevention enough?

Sexual assault on college campuses is unfortunately extremely prevalant. Over 11% of students on college campuses reported to have experienced sexual assault. On the contrary, over 80% of sexual violence cases go unreported. This is where we see a massive gap.

Underreporting assault cases is a pressing issue amongst young adults, specifically women and transgender individuals. Common reasons sexual assault goes unreported is due to fear of retaliation, the relationship the victim has to the perpetrator, and flaws within college policies and procedures.

How Campuses Can Take Action

American Universities are struggling to correctly handle cases of sexual assault.

For some survivors, their university may be the only available resource in seeking justice which is why it’s extremely important campuses take proper action. Sherrie provides educational resources to educate students on how to prevent sexual assault, reduce the risk, and be an active bystander.

Sherrie presents on topics such as, sexual assault awareness, intervention tactics, RA training, understanding trauma, and Title IX education.