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Courage Starts with You

Sherrie Allsup is a sexual assault and trauma expert providing trauma-informed training to law enforcement that is engaging and efficient.  Ensure your organization has the knowledge to compassionately and effectively engage with victims.

Courage Starts with You​

Education from the Victim's Point of View

Sherrie Allsup, founder of Courage Starts With You foundation, is a sexual assault survivor, speaker, and educator. Through expert knowledge and personal storytelling, she empowers attendees across the country to approach incidents and victims of sexual assault with skill and compassion.

As a survivor of sexual assault, Sherrie knows firsthand the lasting effects of trauma. Her goal is to inform and educate victims, first responders, and communities about the unique aspects of addressing this devastating crime. 

"Your training was an excellent reminder to me to not let empathy fatigue prevent me from being compassionate, both with victims and with their family. What you both said regarding how to treat victims, treat them like you would want your mother to be treated, really stuck with me."
Rachel Shackelford, Chief Deputy County Attorney
La Paz County Attorney’s Office

Engaging Trauma-Informed Response Training

Convenient & Impactful

Sherrie brings the class to you. Her engaging, personal presentations increase impact and retention.

Cost-Effective & Efficient

Sherrie offers four and eight-hour seminars that allows your entire organization to be trained at once.


Sherrie has presented at trainings across America:

  • Sheriff Departments
  • Police Academies
  • Universities and Campus Police Departments
  • Civic & Community Organizations

Campus Safety Magazine published an article by Sherrie Allsup. She explain how trauma-informed investigations of sexual assaults and other violent crimes enable investigators to increase perpetrator convictions. Read the article here.

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Sherrie has a passion for educating those involved in the fight against sexual assault and trauma. For more information on training your organization on this crucial topic, contact Sherrie.