Courage Starts With You

Sherrie Allsup is an advocate, educator, and survivor of long term sexual assault.

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Finding the Courage

Sherrie Allsup is the creator of the foundation Courage Starts With You, an organization determined to put an end to sexual assault. Her hope is that everyone finds the courage to take a stand. This foundation was created for everyone – victims, law enforcement, teachers, peers, friends, and family members.

As a former sexual assault survivor, Sherrie knows first hand how the trauma of sexual assault can have lasting effects on a person. Her goal is to empower victims with the courage to reach out for help, the courage for campuses to have the right tools to handle these experiences, the courage for law enforcement to learn these cases must be treated tenderly, and the courage for friends and family members to listen and support survivors.

Every 73 seconds, someone in America is sexually assaulted. With the right resources, we can team together to end sexual assault.

Change is Achievable

Through speaking engagements, police training, and campus education, Sherrie believes together we can make a difference. She’s seen strides of success when she teamed up with the Chief of Police, Wiley Gammon, at Atlanta Metropolitan State College. Chief Gammon took it upon himself to dedicate over 100 hours of training on how to properly address sexual assault investigations without stigma. He is now certified with Georgia’s Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.

Research shows that over 23% of undergraduate women experience sexual assault, but it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone reports. These assaults typically happen the first few months students are on campus. With proper training and education, we can help keep students safe.

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